Sheet Metal Powder Coating Service.

Tuan Thinh’s Powder Coating Service offers a durable and attractive finish for all your metal parts. Our powder coating process provides a uniform, long-lasting coat that not only enhances the appearance of your parts but also adds a layer of protection against wear and corrosion. Perfect for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Mild Steel 30mm
Stainless Steel 30mm
Aluminium 25mm
Brass & Copper 13mm

Choosing Gloss & Texture

It is important to highlight that the standards for gloss levels in use are not uniform across all service providers. There is always a gloss level in numerical form next to the description that may vary quite a lot between different suppliers. So we would advise to always look at that number rather than the description.

Color Name Code
Gloss Blue T009-BL01
Matte Black T001-BK120
Gloss Red P009-RD02
Gloss Yellow T009-YL01
Gloss Green C209-GN411
Gloss Orange C909-OG201